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Syllabus of Digital Still Photography Course Curriculum

Chapter 16
Studio Photography :

    Setting up a Professional Portrait Studio
    Space Requirements
    Selection of Camera
    Selection of Lens
    Selection of Background
    Making your own Backgrounds
    Portrait Light Fundamentals
    Selection of Electronic Flash Units
    Exposure Calculation
    Lighting Ratios
    Use of Reflectors and other Lighting Accessories
    Cable Release
    Lens Hoods
    Single Light Setup
    Light Size
    Skin Texture
    Where to put the Main Light
    Rembrandt Lighting
    Paramount Lighting
    Split Lighting
    Profile Lighting
    Fashion Lighting
    The Key Triangle
    Left Side or Right Side ?
    Broad Lighting and Short Lighting
    Hair Lights
    Rim lights
    Low-Key Lighting
    High-Key Lighting
    Dramatic Glamour Lighting
    Edgy Lighting
    Full Length Fashion Lighting
    Soft Glamour Lighting
    Lighting for Compositing
    Environmental Portraiture
    Candid Photography.

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Dr S P Roy Dr S. P. Roy is a pioneer in still photography education in Odisha. He is s self taught artist who has learned photography the hard way by studying and doing things himself. He used to develop and print his exposed roll films since 1970 when he was studying in college. He will be guiding the students personally and grooming them to become thorough professionals in this field.

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