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Syllabus of Digital Still Photography Course Curriculum

Chapter 13
Exposure :

    What is an Exposure ?
    The Exposure Equation
    Three Elements of Exposure :
    ISO, Aperture, Shutter
    ISO and Noise
    Using Noise Creatively
    ISO Rating and Chip Sensitivity
    Stopping Motion
    Using Flash to Capture Movement
    Long Exposure to Show Motion
    Exposing White-on-White Scenes
    Lighting White-on-White Scenes
    Exposing Black-on-Black Scenes
    Lighting Black-on-Black Scenes
    Using Histograms to Diagnose Exposure Problems
    Exposure Compensation
    Exposure Bracketing
    Using Histogram to Determine Exposure
    Metering Modes
    Aperture Priority
    Shutter Priority
    Programmed Exposure Mode
    Manual Exposure
    Adjusting Exposure/EV
    Flash Modes:
    Manual, Auto, TTL
    Flash Exposure Compensation
    Optimum Exposure Criteria
    Exposure Latitude
    Subject Luminance Ratio
    Practical Exposure Tests
    Light Measurement
    Exposure Values
    Reflected-Light/Incident-Gray Cards
    Creating your own White Balance Settings
    Light Meters
    Photometry Units
    In-Camera Metering Systems
    Electronic Flash Exposure Metering
    First Curtain vs. Second Curtain Sync
    Pre-Flash Sequence
    Using Flash to Control Contrast-
    Double Exposures
    Zooming while Shooting.

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Dr S P Roy Dr S. P. Roy is a pioneer in still photography education in Odisha. He is s self taught artist who has learned photography the hard way by studying and doing things himself. He used to develop and print his exposed roll films since 1970 when he was studying in college. He will be guiding the students personally and grooming them to become thorough professionals in this field.

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