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Syllabus of Digital Still Photography Course Curriculum

Chapter 9
Art of Composition :

    Know the Rules before you Break the Rules
    Frame Dynamics
    Gestalt Perception
    What makes a Striking Image ?
    Understanding Light, Shadows and Shades
    Deciphering Color
    Positive and Negative Space
    Point, Line, Shape, Form, Texture, Pattern, Tone, Color, Scale, Abstraction
    Simple Rules for framing Human Subjects
    Look Room
    Rule of Thirds
    Camera Angle
    The Horizon Line
    Diagonal Lines
    Horizontal vs. Vertical
    Repeating Patterns
    Leading Lines
    S and C Curves
    Balance and Tension
    Filling the Frame
    Frame within Frame
    Color Harmony
    Try Something Different
    Perspective Distortion
    Distortion as a Clue to Depth
    Tonal Variation.

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Dr S P Roy Dr S. P. Roy is a pioneer in still photography education in Odisha. He is s self taught artist who has learned photography the hard way by studying and doing things himself. He used to develop and print his exposed roll films since 1970 when he was studying in college. He will be guiding the students personally and grooming them to become thorough professionals in this field.

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