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Syllabus of Digital Still Photography Course Curriculum

Chapter 3
Light and Photometry :

    What is Light ?
    The Electromagnetic Spectrum
    Visible Spectrum
    Spectral Power Distribution
    The Mired Scale
    Color-Rendering Index
    Measurement of Intensity, Flux, Illuminance, Luminance
    The Behavior of Light :
    Reflection, Refraction and Absorption
    Reflected Light Values :
    Specular Highlights, Diffused Highlights, Shadow Values
    Diffuse Reflection
    Direct Reflection
    Polarized Direct Reflection
    Distance of Light Source
    The Inverse Square Law
    Size of the Light Source
    Direction and angle of the Light Source
    The Three-Dimensional Illusion
    Existing Light Photography
    Light on and Off the Camera
    Exposure Considerations
    Artificial Light Sources
    Flash Exposure
    Using Flash Outdoors
    Continuous Light Sources
    Exposure Calculations
    Bright-Field Lighting
    Dark-Field Lighting
    Hard vs Soft Light
    Light Ratio
    Metering the Scene
    Incandescent Light and White Balance
    Fluorescent Light and White Balance
    Using Rear Sync in Low Light Images
    Matching Long Exposures with Flash
    Light Aesthetics.

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Dr S P Roy Dr S. P. Roy is a pioneer in still photography education in Odisha. He is s self taught artist who has learned photography the hard way by studying and doing things himself. He used to develop and print his exposed roll films since 1970 when he was studying in college. He will be guiding the students personally and grooming them to become thorough professionals in this field.

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